Sheridan Currie

Sheridan Currie

Head of Property Management

0411 055 823

Displaying a work ethic that is second-to-none, Sheridan has quickly established a stellar reputation for exceeding expectation. A former tennis champion, Sheridan attended university in Huntsville, Texas on a division-one scholarship. Her focus and dedication has transferred flawlessly into her real estate career, where she is going from strength to strength. Confident and capable, Sheridan is never afraid to pick up the phone and is quick to remedy issues when they arise. Always demonstrating a genuine commitment to her client's journey, Sheridan provides landlords and tenants with thorough and well-organised solutions to their needs, every step of the way.



Being a maintenance company for Caporn Young. I have been able to see how effective they operate from various perspectives. Through their operations as a professional real-estate company, i have been able to see the high level of satisfaction coming from both homeowners and tenants. Friendly and easy to deal with. Highly recommend!

Darius Frazer

Can't give 6 stars but I wish I could!!! A long term multiple residence tenant of Caporn Young and I've nothing but the highest level of respect and admiration for Sheridan and her team. A commitment to aligning the needs of landlords and their assets with tenants and their requirements sets Caporn Young apart. Across four years in two different properties comprising two completely different stages of my life (single and partying to married with a family), Caporn Young were always timely with their responses, clear with their communication and reasonably in every way. A friendly team that perfectly walks the balance of representing their landlords interests while earning the trust of their tenants, I have zero hesitation in recommending them to either landlord or tenant. A brilliant agency that is compassionate, experienced and most of all friendly. As an expat now living in the UK I only wish they operated over here!!!! Perhaps one day.

Steve Wadcock

Sheridan Currie and her team of PM’s are very diligent and have always been open and fair in their dealings. We often recommend them to our clients who are wanting to sell or lease their homes.

Tom Dearling

We have had Sheridan as the property manager for our house in Hamilton Hill for a number of years now and I would like to commend her for the excellent work she does. As well as being landlords, we have also lived in a number of rental properties over the years and so have dealt with a range of property managers. Sheridan is a stand-out example of how a good property manager should operate. She looks after our interests as landlords but is also quick to pass on maintenance requests on behalf of the tenants when necessary. Her communication skills are excellent and her reliability is particularly appreciated. I highly commend Sheridan to all landlords and tenants.

Mark & Marisa

Over the past few months we have been extremely happy with the way Sheridan manages our property. She is easily contactable, approachable, always polite and professional, and a pleasure to deal with. We are glad she is going to continue as our Asset Manager. And more recently, Lachlan has also provided us with a high level of service – keeping us informed with regular and timely updates, and again easily contactable, polite and professional. Both Sheridan and Lachlan both seem like genuine, friendly people, and we both have great confidence in them managing our property. Katia Stone has also been helpful answering any questions promptly and politely. Thanks to Caporn Young for assigning such a great team to manage our property for us; the process is easy and stress free.

Gail & Peter

We would like to again thank you for the efficient service you provided to us during our stay at Patriot Link. We have been working with another property manager over the past weeks and we had to let you know that we are very much missing your professional manner and efficient communication and service!


Just a big thankyou to Lee and Sheridan from leasing for looking after us through a very difficult 2 yeras of their attention to us as clients has been fantastic and we look forward to a few years of their looking after us and our tenants also a thank you to Lachlan for his great work and efforts. This is a team that cannot be bettered.

Di Rauh

As a long term rental client of Caporn Young, I would like to compliment Sheridan Currie on her pleasant manner and professional attitude. When dealing with sensitive issues, her tact and initiative was most appreciated.

Craig Moullin

After dealing with property managers from six (6) different companies over the years, I have never met such a professional, vigilant, hard working and pleasant property manager that you have in Sheridan. She is streets above anyone I have met and constantly goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are satisfied. To that, both my wife and I will refer anyone needing property management to Sheridan in full confidence, being the best in market. Employees like Sheridan are rare and would only dream of the ability to obtain someone like her.


I work in the field of corporate training and when I see good service I like to acknowledge it because so often we complain about the bad service but forget to reward the good service. In the case of Sheridan, it is all about the good service. Sheridan has been supporting me for a while regarding my property in East Fremantle. We have had a few issues getting some work done there and I just wanted to say that Sheridan has been very supportive of my position and has been very positive and proactive to find a solution in every case. I have never heard a hint of a complaint from her. She is consistently patient and professional in all her dealings with me, seeking out quotes and providing feedback. I have met her on site on one occasion and this just reinforced all that I have said above. Sheridan is a very likeable, approachable, honest and genuine. I have had dealings with some property staff in the past who were standoffish and not particularly interested in the reaching a solution that would make the customer happy if it meant they had to go out of their way to do it. Sheridan does what she says she will do and then communicates with me and provides timely feedback. I live overseas so this is really important from my perspective. I think you are extremely lucky that she is on your staff and I hope you reward her for the natural and genuine way that she goes about getting her job - and the job of her customers – done, effectively and without any fuss. Kudos to her.

Dave & Marcia

We would like to say it was a pleasure to deal with you this year. Thank you for your prompt responsiveness to our requests and emails. You followed up issues and always came back to us with status reports. Your professionalism and friendly manner was mostly appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Relax and enjoy Sheridan because you deserve it!


I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with Sheridan's service over the last few months. After the initial issues regarding my pool early in the year and my complaints at that time, she has since been very prompt in communicating with me and addressing any issues that have arisen. She has been very easy to deal with and I wanted her to be commended.


My name is Karin and I'm currently a tenant in Bicton. The dealings I have had with Sheridan Currie have been very professional and any problems that we have had she has dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner.


Just to say what a great service Sheridan provided. She is always very sweet, helpful and answers our queries and requests fast.


I wanted to let you know how impressed we have been with Sheridan's work over the past few months. To at last have someone who actually commits to and follows through each and every task that comes her way (and there have been a lot of late) is a breath of fresh air. She does the job as it should be done, efficiently and with no excuses. Very impressed. Keep a hold of her.


I would like to say what a great job Sheridan does. She is part of the team that manages my property in Fremantle. She is always thoroughly efficient and prompt to deal with any potential problems. She has excellent people skills. She is fantastic to deal with. She is an asset to your company.


We feel the time is right to offer you this objective opinion. I say objective, because we deal with 50 + property management companies in Perth, encompassing 1200+ properties, and as such feel we can offer a fair critique.
The PM staff at CY really are top 3, and I do sincerely say that Lee. As a matter of fact I made this very point to RY at a recent site meeting with him. I am happy to list a few examples of what makes us smile her at All seasons garden care, there are examples... however less is sometimes more!
1) Clean, succinct email correspondence and excellent phone manner, with little or no ambiguity. Those whom immediately spring to mind are Latisha, Katy, Sheridan and Kimberlee.
2) Excellent administration in both procedure and execution, Katia Stone springs to mind here.
We have dealt with CY for over 10 years, and it has always been a very amicable and respectful relationship.
From one supplier to another, we would like to say "thankyou" for your contribution to service.