Maddison Martino

Maddison Martino

Property Manager - Western Portfolio

0434 100 339

A proficient and highly organised Property Manager, Maddison is known for her practical approach as well as the energy she applies to her work. She joined the Caporn Young team as the Director of First Impressions in 2012, where she established her high standard of customer service and gained invaluable exposure to the inner-workings of the industry. Quickly impressing the team and progressing into property management, Maddison's helpful demeanor continues to define her approach to all aspects of her job. She is a proud western suburbs local who is keen to make her mark in the real estate industry.



Caporn Young have been managing my properties for several years now and I have always found the team to be efficient, courteous, readily contactable, well informed and focused on the client’s best interest.

Maddison Martino, in particular, has been my main point of contact and the Property Manager of my apartment in Mosman Park and is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Maddison has been extremely supportive and gone beyond expectations (and the scope of her role) to effectively and efficiently deal with some complex issues that recently arose at the property.  Her professionalism and expertise were invaluable. She lightened my burden, at a very stressful time for me, by managing all the related processes whilst ensuring I was always kept in the loop.  

I feel confident knowing that Maddison and Caporn Young manage  my properties to a very high standard  in a very demanding and competitive environment. I would recommend their services to  anyone wanting top class management of any investment property.

Most importantly, thank you to Maddison, for genuinely caring about me as a client and offering a nice balance between professional and personal service.

Grania McCudden

Ms Maddison Martino is noted to be an individual with a very pleasant disposition. She takes a measured and considered approach to her work, and builds productive relationships with her colleagues.
When Ms Martino provides feedback to her colleagues, its purpose is to encourage and support professional conduct and to recommend corrective strategies when required.
Productivity is enhanced through the provision of high quality feedback such as that evidenced by Ms Martino.


I was going to let you know that it wouldn't have been such a success without Dale's hard work and professionalism. He has put in a lot of effort with the home opens and marketing. His communication has been second to none before and after I left Perth. I'm sure you are already aware of what a great asset he is to CY, but I thought I'd let you know all the same. Also on that note, my dealings with Maddison have also been very pleasant. What a great team! :)

Megan Waterhouse

I just wanted to pass on my genuine gratitude for how promptly, efficiently and professionally you managed our issues with the air-conditioner. We were so relieved to have the air conditioner installed as quikcly as it was and with no inconvenience. 
Your service as a Property Manager has been the best I have come across in the last 6 years and the tradesman who have visited our property so far have been excellent.
You are a true asset to CY and please let CY management know that the trades people we have met so far have been highly responsive, efficient, accommodating, polite and 100% professional.
Thank you again for all you have done.

Daniele Chagnon

We have been tenants for many years with Caporn Young and had a wonderful experience with one of your Property Manager. Unfortunately, unintentionally and sadly we had to leave our rental property in December 2016 and we are renting another property for the moment with another Real Estate Agency.We always been extremely satisfied with your company in the past and more importantly with your Property Manager: Maddison Martino.
More than ever, we can measure the amount of quality and performance between Caporn Young and other Real Estate Agencies in Perth. We always noticed and knew about this fact from our experience and past experiences. Moreover, we can actually compare services delivered by property managers and different kind of style management on the market.
We always appreciated our previous collaboration with Maddison and she did absolutely everything that she possibly could do for us as tenants and that is another reason why we miss her so much; more than anything at this stage!
As a Caporn Young previous tenant, I just needed to address this acknowledgement to Maddison and share this review with you.
I have been trying to do this through different ways and website reviews recently but I guess your direct contact is the best way to share this feed-back.
"Maddison Martino: Outstanding Property Manager! "
"She constantly offers a high level of diligence, customer service, assistance and accountability towards her clientele."
"Moreover, she delivers promptly adequate informations, finds appropriate solutions and maintains a high standard of accessibility, reliability and friendly support!"
Note that I was limited to 20 words most of the reviews but you understood that the list could go on for Maddison's achievements!
I would highly recommend Maddison Martino services to anyone when it comes to Real Estate needs and would not hesitate a second to collaborate again in the future with her and Caporn Young!
Thank you for sharing this message and follow-up with Maddison on her outstanding performances!

David & Christine

I would like to pass on how impressed we have been with Maddison Martino's professionalism, can-do attitude and personalized service. She responds immediately to any requests, is proactive in her approach to problem solving and is an outstanding first face of your company.

Zara Grassick

Thank you so much for being so fantastic to deal with, we wish we could take you too!

Keaton Wallace

I just realised I forgot to say thank you for sorting the dishwasher. You have actually been fantastic to deal with. Very detail conscious and thorough. Greatly appreciate your ongoing service.I would actually like to get you to appraise my other place in Cottesloe (with a view to renting) if possible on my return from NZ so if your free sometime next week that would be great.

Matthew & Susan

I have been dealing with Maddison as a leasing agent for my property in Peppermint grove for the last 12 months. She has been very proactive with my property and she has done attention to detail. Her tenants have been  very happy with her performance. She is very reliable and has communicated with me re my property via email and phone. Maddison knows how to get various things fixed as she have access to a reliable team of tradespeople to look after the property. I will be continuing with her for the foreseeable future to look after my precious investment.