Sheridan Currie

Sheridan Currie

Head of Property Management

0411 055 823

Displaying a work ethic that is second-to-none, Sheridan has quickly established a stellar reputation for exceeding expectation. A former tennis champion, Sheridan attended university in Huntsville, Texas on a division-one scholarship. Her focus and dedication has transferred flawlessly into her real estate career, where she is going from strength to strength. Confident and capable, Sheridan is never afraid to pick up the phone and is quick to remedy issues when they arise. Always demonstrating a genuine commitment to her client's journey, Sheridan provides landlords and tenants with thorough and well-organised solutions to their needs, every step of the way.



Being a maintenance company for Caporn Young. I have been able to see how effective they operate from various perspectives. Through their operations as a professional real-estate company, i have been able to see the high level of satisfaction coming from both homeowners and tenants. Friendly and easy to deal with. Highly recommend!


Just a big thankyou to Lee and Sheridan from leasing for looking after us through a very difficult 2 yeras of their attention to us as clients has been fantastic and we look forward to a few years of their looking after us and our tenants also a thank you to Lachlan for his great work and efforts. This is a team that cannot be bettered.


We feel the time is right to offer you this objective opinion. I say objective, because we deal with 50 + property management companies in Perth, encompassing 1200+ properties, and as such feel we can offer a fair critique.
The PM staff at CY really are top 3, and I do sincerely say that Lee. As a matter of fact I made this very point to RY at a recent site meeting with him. I am happy to list a few examples of what makes us smile her at All seasons garden care, there are examples... however less is sometimes more!
1) Clean, succinct email correspondence and excellent phone manner, with little or no ambiguity. Those whom immediately spring to mind are Latisha, Katy, Sheridan and Kimberlee.
2) Excellent administration in both procedure and execution, Katia Stone springs to mind here.
We have dealt with CY for over 10 years, and it has always been a very amicable and respectful relationship.
From one supplier to another, we would like to say "thankyou" for your contribution to service.