Lee Fitzgerald

Lee Fitzgerald

Property Management Licensee

0416 567 316

Lee has lead teams of property managers for 12 years and is a driving force behind Caporn Young's vision of delivering consistent service and success every day. Motivated by achievement, Lee is a hands-on leader who propels and inspires her team to uphold their reputation for being the very best in the industry. She has gained inherent knowledge of the local area during her 20-year career, and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent as well as a qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor and Personal Trainer. Lee has a well-earned place at the very top of her field.



We had an unfortunate event where the week prior to Christmas we were advised that unfortunately, the property we were leasing had to be re-occupied by the owner for urgent personal reasons.Caporn Young was brilliant and facilitated the process to the satisfaction of the owner and ourselves.They located a comparable property for us and negotiated concessions on our move.Coordinated the property availability and we could not have expected nor asked for more.They were attentive and helpful and contacted us several times a day with updates and help.They treated us like friends and did all their power to assist us.We are delighted with how they handled matters and their standard of service needs to be known by other renters and owners.A class act, with sincerity and care; and Lee was exceptional!


Just a big thankyou to Lee and Sheridan from leasing for looking after us through a very difficult 2 yeras of their attention to us as clients has been fantastic and we look forward to a few years of their looking after us and our tenants also a thank you to Lachlan for his great work and efforts. This is a team that cannot be bettered.


For those property investors out there who are looking for a strong, professional Property Management Team I can highly recommend the skilled team at Caporn Young in Claremont .This experienced team is very ably led by Lee Fitzgerald . Lee’s team includes Property Manager Jenevieve Diaz and Rental Executive Patrick Heenan.

For a number of years now ,Caporn Young have managed a property for me with very good rental results. In a recent complex rental situation with a tenant , Lee Fitzgerald’s team was able to find a solution and resolve the matter in a competent and professional manner to the satisfaction of all concerned. To achieve this outcome, Lee and her team went the ‘extra mile’ working well outside normal business hours on many occasions for weeks on end.
I cannot find words to praise this team enough for the exceptional effort they put in to find a satisfactory solution. After long experience with rental property I can say that these good people are way ahead of the rest by a Country Mile!
Chris, Claremont


I'm just writing to acknowledge the fantastic work of Lee Fitzgerald over the past year in assisting us in relation to a Caporn Young managed property.

We have just left Perth following 2 year secondment there; and rent our own properties out on the east coast, so see both sides of the property management coin.

As things turned out, the owners of the property in Perth that we leased were 'interesting' characters. The problems with the house, the owners and therefore for us were too many to count over the first couple of months; and recurred somewhere between fortnightly and monthly from then on.

Straightening things out and managing all concerned parties has no doubt consumed an enormous amount of Lee's time. She is to be heavily commended for her dedication, skill and grace is managing to make the place liveable and keep us all sane for an extended period.

In my view you have a real keeper in Lee and someone who is capable of handling sophisticated and demanding negotiations consistent with a senior role and a right hand person. 

Best of luck in the future and keep up the great work with your key people.

Kind regards, Mike.


Dear Lee,

Thank you to for your attention and consistence. Most importantly for being effective in addressing my concerns.

Kind regards, Agnieshka.


I have known Lee Fitzgerald for many years from a different real estate agency and now at CapornYoung. Throughout her career from a property manager to a position of senior management, Lee has always presented herself with professionalism and efficiency.

Lee has been a great asset in managing our investment properties.  She is timely, responsive, and reliable. She is good with communicating, and will respond to emails during the day or after hours if the need arises. Lee is also easy to reach via phone calls to discuss and resolve any issues.

I have worked with a number of property management personnel, and Lee is someone whom I would be pleased to recommend to others.

Regards, Lydia.



Hi Lee

Thank you for your email and your great work. We really do appreciate your outstanding service and performance that you have provided to us over the years. It is really exceptional and we could not have asked for a better portfolio manager than you.

I look forward to meeting Blair in the near future.

Many thanks,



Mate, Lee Fitzgerald is an absolute credit to CY.

She is assertive, objective and gets the job done.

Noted and importantly, is that Lee follows through with what she says.

Good on her!